A little bit about me...

In his early career, Andrew Somerville quickly became one of Guelph’s top real estate brokers. His genuine desire to help people shines through in everything he does. Andrew’s attention to the market trends and changes enable his clients to make informed and confident decisions regarding their real estate needs.

On his journey to becoming a respected Guelph real estate broker, Andrew Somerville spent his early working years in the engineering department of companies such as; Loblaws, Krueger International, and Weston’s. He also owned and operated a photography franchise, something many people don't know about him. The learning lessons from these experiences have shaped Andrew’s approach to home selling. His ability to listen to ones needs and desires, then apply current market knowledge, enables him to to suggest unique alternatives or “out of the box” solutions. You will find Andrew’s down to earth, intelligent approach refreshing and calming. When working with hundreds of thousand of dollars, you want a trustworthy professional like Andrew Somerville on your team.

“Clients quickly sense that they can place their trust in Andrew. His genuine desire to assist shines through.”

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Guelph is a city in which Andrew loves to work, play and live.  He can be found around the city playing DiscGolf, enjoying family time or creating affordable housing.  His friendly, approachable, personality is notable and extends into his business dealings.  Dedication is found in every endeavour; from the discgolf course to your home.

“I have commited to serving my clients in a way that I would want to be treated. My business is based on trust, and a genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives. I believe in the law of attraction, and that what you give out you will ultimately attract back. I enjoy every minute of my career and I am looking forward to meeting you!”